As any in my everyday life and world would know, I was in a terrible car accident on 28 December 2012.  Life, time, and all plans for the future (I was about to start at university to finish the last two years of undergrad) stopped the moment the tip of my right humorus cracked and left me without use of my right arm.

Mending, but can’t work, legal and financial complications from the accident are messy, I’ve lost my car (totaled and lien-sold to cover the storage fee I could not pay), and all of this could shut me out of school for years to come because of what it will take to fix my credit.  Life is blowing up in about five different directions — all traumatic — though any one of them would be a major setback for most people.

I have good days.

I have bad days.

I have days when I am circling the drain nearly to be pulled under.

If all God’s people through time and history — most notably all Christians — are figuratively sitting at one impossibly long banquet table, then I am standing up at my end of the table screaming down into the past for help, insight, guidance, and wisdom from the saints of the past.

This is making for some very interesting reading.

I am — clearly — not sitting by waiting for despair to drown me, but am…searching…


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