Thinking, not resting — I haven’t abandoned my Ignatian quest!

Firstly, the idea of taking my Ignatian Spirituality quest on a day at a time now seems laughable — this stuff is just too deep. This week’s topic was “gratitude,” and I’ve been meditating on various scriptures and stories. The writing will come, but there is one story — the story of someone who prayed for something with every fiber of his or her being and from the depths of his or her soul who, in the very same breath as that prayer, promised to give 100% of that gift from God back to God if the prayer were answered — that is making my head explode.

THAT is gratitude.

And that — and a few other stories — are where my mind has been. Also, I’m always working on other things here and there, and I need to edit some of the bits of my essays as well. I’m a photographer and I love art — I try not to just submit text, I try to give a more well-rounded media presentation. These things take time, and when I can get WiFi on my dodgy netbook is limited to when the one spot in the house where I can sit close enough to get a signal (the middle of the living room floor) is not being used by a cyclone of adorable children.

So — writing on, and still here. Blessings for your weekend.


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