Still thinking…

For the first time in days I have a few moments to gather my thoughts and really think — no retreating into bed after a stressful day, no gale-force winds rattling the windows, no little kid chatter on the other side of my door (love them, but sometimes they make me mental), no noisy crazy neighborhood din, no “I need to be up for church in __________ hours,” no one requiring my immediate attention for any reason, no roaring headache,  AND I accidentally took a nap so am awake and marginally alert.

I can work with that.

My topic has been gratitude, but came largely without prompts to guide me — just take the time to find God in all things and find points of gratitude to God as you do so.  Actually, that’s a great and beautiful thing to be part of the examen, but not really much to write about.  What I have been prayerfully meditating on are the lives and stories of the Bible where gratitude is present in unexpected ways.

That’s a lot to think about.

I’ve done some editing on the draft I’m working on…still working on it.  I also need the touchstone for the inspiration that will set my pen flying (that’s the other thing, I’m writing this all long-hand and typing it up later because my writing is more creative and less academic when hand-written first).

It really is a lot to think about.

It’s Wentworth’s birthday today (the little pig featured in the photo here) — he’s three years-old today, and I hope to edit together a tribute for me sweet little “attribute” later.  Love that little pig!

It’s also the 73rd birthday of a very dear friend and former teacher…I think she deserves a post too, but I will have to think more about that.  She was a person called by God to speak into my life as a young person, and I have been forever blessed that she chose to respond to that call.  I would not be the person I am — indeed, might not be here at all — were it not for her love and care.

Blessings for your Tuesday, grace and peace to you, take the time to find God in all things.  — VKS


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