Not waving but drowning?

I literally do not remember the last time I stopped moving.

We’re in the middle of quite the heat wave in Southern California, and our air conditioning went out in our second floor south-facing apartment (basically it’s 90° F inside all day).  Is this a “first-world” problem?  Let me tell you how it ceases to feel “first-world” when you’re in very close quarters with a family of five, none of the windows have screens (thus can’t be opened lest a child or critter tumble out); we’re also above the building’s dumpster, so give flies an inch and we’re overrun in a week.

None of that feels “first-world,” and it’s a great reason to not be home.  Ridiculous appointments and errands have kept me chasing my tail in the past few days.  It’s too hot to sleep well at night.  I was such a space case Friday that I left my most favorite cozy brown corduroy jacket on a bus somewhere (nothing fancy, but it was a beautiful color, fit perfectly, and matched everything I own).

But I am still writing and made some real progress Friday as I traveled probably a hundred miles by bus and walking all over the San Fernando Valley.

Enough is enough — SLEEP is sorely wanted.  Have a great weekend. – VKS


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