Lent is Hard (REBLOG)

Yes, Lent has a speedbump…a funky speedbump.

The Center for Spiritual Formation

It seems to happen every year. It feels like walking through sludge, or standing in quick sand. The air feels thicker and seems brown to me. My shoulders bow forward from the weight of it.


Outwardly, I could blame it on my allergies which leave my eyes and nose red. I could blame it on the bout with strep my daughter experienced last week. I could blame it on the busyness of this season in ministry.

But that isn’t it.

I just feel off. I suppose you could name it a slump or a funk.

Let’s go with  funk. It feels more awkward to say and that suits this feeling.

This is my fourth year of formally observing Lent. (I’m not from a liturgical background so this is a new discipline for me.)  And this is the fourth time, around week 3 of Lent that the funk has hit. My…

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