Aesthetics or The Fullness of Life (REBLOG)

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Theological Wallpaper

I did a research term paper last semester on the aforementioned theologian Alejandro García-Rivera on his theologies of art and aesthetics. To do this paper we had to choose a theological topic that we were interested and then research one figure, and I ended up picking Rivera.

A main point that Rivera makes is that he separates beauty and the Beautiful. The Beautiful is a transcending attribute of God, or in other words the Beautiful is an aspect of God that is co-extensive with him. Where God is, so is the Beautiful. Beauty, on the other hand, while being many faceted boils down to the concept of “The sign of life abundant known only by being enjoyed.”1 The key distinction here is that beauty is a sign of the Beautiful.

The fullness of life, beauty, is a sign which points to God as the giver of life. While art…

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