Another beautiful day in the City of Angels

Yesterday morning got off to a rough start, but became a blessed day.  The joy for my dear friend whose happily-awaited fifth grandchild was born early that morning, and joy for her family carried me through the day (and joy is always a blessing).

For various reasons — not the least of which that it was a gloriously beautiful day yesterday (as it is today) — I went downtown to explore the city yesterday afternoon with a Metro Day Pass.  Lunch at Union Station, Little Tokyo, Olvera Street (Olvera Street NEVER disappoints for the air being electrically charged with fun); patronized my favorite shop too), then Chinatown and home.

Woke up prayerful today, but today is turning out to be one of those days with no peace where every moment tests my patience and resolve NOT to have a negative emotional response to everything that is making me crazy about my life and world.  My temper is short and I know it, it’s about opting out.

Not always the easiest thing in the world to manage.

I woke up prayerful and happy, but life soon blasted the peace out of my morning.  Life can be hard, but days with an emotional storm cloud are a bit harder during Lent somehow.

My Ignation contemplation is presently the question of the heroes of my faith (I’m still thinking about this and what I have to say about it). 

My small group lesson this week is on love…with directed questions that are making me cringe (as the questions are directed questions that will draw a line between my life/outlook on life and “normal” people).

There will be a lot of challenges this week, and I’m facing a lot of personal, relational, and circumstantial challenges.  I’m staring down a week from the vantage point of a Monday…staring at a week full of things I don’t particularly want to face.  As I was typing this a giant nasty roach started exploring the edge of my tablet (it has since been killed…I’m so done with them too).  My life doesn’t work, it’s not sustainable, and I’m afraid I have more questions for God than answers from God about how to “fix” this.  Like so many things in my life, only God can fix this…and I really wish he would.

I read on, I write on, but it may be a pretty quiet week for writing as “real life” is both challenging and exhausting right now.

But on the bright side…today is another bright and beautiful day in the City of Angels. — VKS


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