My favorite historical administrative assistant

As far as my Ignatian writings and contemplations go, this week is on my heroes of the faith.  Now, I’ve been teaching Sunday School a long time.  I know my Bible, I know my “Bible Stories.”  All the same, I was struggling to come up with a great Old Testament example without a dark side.  Then this song came through my Pandora radio feed:

It’s a simple song — almost too simple, lacking much narrative, but inviting contemplation.  The story brought to mind was the story of the life of my favorite administrative assistant in all history: Joshua.  Please remember that Joshua was among TWO (AND ONLY
individuals (Caleb being the other) faithful to God’s faithfulness to believe the LORD could bring them into the Promised Land (even Moses faltered here!).  Two entire books of the Bible (Numbers and Deuteronomy) become necessary because of this faithlessness, but wouldn’t have existed if the LORD’s people had remembered him.

It’s a lot to think about, the life of a man who came quietly into the fore who was so great that the very Messiah bore his name.

Thinking and writing, but wanted to share this bit.

Blessings for your Tuesday. — VKS

(and how is it that last night was the first time I’d ever heard this song?????)


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