Dave Gregory on the Cross as our only hope

Wonderful, thought-provoking, and worhy of a reblog here.

The Ignatian Educator

Dave Gregory contributes another beautiful and eloquent essay, this one on finding meaning and hope through dark times. 

Perfection and Crucifixion

March 20, 2013

By Dave Gregory

“When the All Holy enters this world, evil suddenly crystallizes…. It makes a fist and nails the All Holy to the cross.  It releases all its anger on the person of Jesus, unto his death; but in the death of Jesus, evil has expended all its energy and thereby lost its potency.

– Sebastian Moore, O.S.B.

Within the past month, two families at Xavier College Preparatory lost parents, and two colleagues lost their mothers. In the middle of writing this post, a senior suffered a traumatic brain injury from a skateboarding accident and currently lays in a coma. Lent for our community has been a particularly somber one, full of tears and questions unanswered, marked by intense vulnerability. The melancholy of recent events…

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