Never Alone

Thoughtful words about the reality and presence of the one more than worthy of “Hosanna!” this day and always. Blessings for your Palm Sunday with some words that blessed mine.

Poetic Dialectic

On a lonely path in the evening woods

Walked a lonely girl

The trees her companions

Their Branches and their leaves bending to her

Like listening ears

Life already meaningless

For someone so young

Love was not to be found

The future held no bright hopes

Of love and dreams

The world offered nothing she wanted

There was a tale she was told

Of a man beyond her world

Who loves her and

Who will never leave her

She doubts this is true

But with desperate words

She shouts to the man

Beyond her world

If you are real

I need you now

The forest was silent

The grazing cows raised their heads

The girl was surrounded

By the presence of love from beyond her world

She shouted for joySnapshot 1 (12-3-2012 10-59 AM)

The cows came to her and shared her joy

The forest sang for it knew

All God’s creation is never…

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