Why Did Jesus Die?

This is extremely thought provoking and absolutely worth a read (and thus a reblog here). Blessings to you this Holy Werk, and blessings for your day. This IS the day that the LORD has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Dorothy Day Center for Faith & Justice


One of the many things that we need to do during Lent – besides growing personally in freedom from our many inordinate attachments – is to deepen our understanding of the death and resurrection of Jesus. In addition to the additional prayer, fasting and solidarity we want to adopt during Lent, we should try to reflect on our faith so that we can better communicate it and share it with others. One of the basic questions that we need to ponder especially during Lent is: Why did Jesus die?

There is little disagreement over how Jesus died: we all know that he died on the cross and that he had been sentenced to death under Pontius Pilate. But there is greater disagreement revolving around why Jesus died. Most contemporary theologians insist that Jesus was condemned to death because of the way that he lived. They insist that Jesus was killed…

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