Grace Abounding


I haven’t forgotten my Ignatian journey, but that journey has led me to a careful examination and contemplation of the lives of various individuals, Joshua among them.  As I’ve walked through a careful meditative study of Joshua’s life (and what God thought about Joshua and the promises made to Joshua by God), it has taken me through Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy in a couple days (yes, I am crazy like that).  What strikes me though, is the details of the various sins I’ve committed in my own life punishable by death.  There was a question in our study group tonight that asked how we reacted to the idea that God thinks we are “a keeper”?  My response is that the measure of God’s grace and mercy required for that to be true sends me to my knees and often flat on my face before the throne of God.

Good Friday is coming, but Maundy Thursday first.  The intertwining of Easter and Passover cannot be missed.  It is Christ’s blood on my doorpost.  I don’t deserve that.

I saw this earlier and it gives me chills (there is no appropriate response but love and gratitude):



4 thoughts on “Grace Abounding

  1. Astounding, amazing grace. A “keeper”? Me? Appropriate response written above. Sometimes – many times really – it seems to come out of nowhere. That impact of it overwhelms me.

    • Well, I mean, that’s the thing — I’m sitting in a room full of folks whose stock answer is along the lines of “I’m happy and okay with the idea that God thinks I’m ‘a keeper,'” but here I am thinking the only appropriate response is to fall on my face weeping. Not to be a downer to your party here, but it does occur to you that heaven goes by favor and not by merit and none of us deserve the favor? I mean not that I’m not happy about God’s love, but sometimes I think there is a little too much sweeping stuff under the rug of grace without a very serious examination of self against the Law. I am not saying that we are — or should be — slaves to the law, but trying to be a disciple without perspective and compuction (“compunction” is a WONDERFUL word) is garbage. If we can be self-actualized saints, what in hell is the point of a savior?

      I had my Phillips with me this morning and had the wind knocked out of me by John 17. I’ll write on that later.

      • Thus the appropriate response you wrote about. I’m not too sure whose party you are being a downer to, but I have an idea of how they think. That they somehow had something to do with it.

        • It’s when you cross that DARK line between “merited” and “deserved” that I’m going to take you down. It didn’t get there last night, but yeah. It’s hard though to be the sole voice for an answer like mine though.

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