The quiet mystery of elusive tiny paws


Gratuitous Wentworth cuteness, taken 11 JUN 2010

Barometric pressure changes always do a number on my head — migraine today, trying to keep quiet as I try to kick the headache.  In my own tiny 7′ × 9′ corner of the universe I  am trying to be quiet.

I can’t vouch for anything going on outside the confines of my 7′ × 9′ corner of the universe, but that’s another story.

I need to clean cages later, but I’m waiting until I feel a bit more human and a bit less woozy.

I spent a good bit of my morning cuddled with Annie and Wentworth in-turn.  Got baby-pig-kicked by one of the yet-to-be-born pups.  There was movement on both her flanks, but if there is more than one pup the other pup didn’t have his or her baby guinea feet facing outward.  It’s hard to keep my hands on Annie’s flanks without tickling her and ticking her off.  One thing I count precious, however, is that Annie still wants to be touched, held, and cuddled even this late in her pregnancy.  There is a quiet holiness in sharing that moment of the mystery of new life yet to be born.  She is assymetrical, not sure what that means.  Not sure how many pups there will be, but I love them all already.

Waiting is hard.  Finding “God in all things” in the quiet mystery of my Annie is not.  Blessings for your day. — VKS

(Note: Don’t have any recent photos of Annie, but there can never be too many pictures of sweet Wentworth’s cute smile to brighten the day.)


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