I Didn’t Even Know His Name

This is huge, convicting, well-written, and you need to read it. Something to think about.

Heartline Haiti Blog

The man, probably in his fifties, sold ice creams that he would have in an ice cooler that he carried on his head.  He would walk the streets hitting the side of the cooler with a stick while calling out, “Crème Mayi.” Everyone, hearing the noise of the stick hitting the side of the cooler and the voice of the man calling out, knew that one of the hundreds of ice cream sellers throughout Haiti is passing on by.

I, a few times a week, would buy an ice cream which costs about twenty cents each, from such a seller and eventually had this man once a week come by the Heartline programs.  I would have him go to the Women’s Center, Haitian Creations and the Maternity Center and give an ice cream to each of the ladies.   Typically he would sell to us about 100 ice creams each week…

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