Fromista, mid-day Monday

Faith…hope…fog. This blessed my day and was what I needed to read today. May it bless yours. Buen Camino.

Not Alone on my Camino

John Brierly is petty clear in “A Pilgrim´s Guide to the Camino,¨that Fromista derives its name from its importance in wheat production to the Roman Empire.  I choose, instead, to believe it means, “from the mist.”

I´m reminded of a story told on a retreat by now deceased Jesuit Fr. John Powell about Florence Chadwick, the first woman to attempt to swim the English Channel.  She failed, giving up hope less than 100 meters from shore.  When asked by reporters why she pleaded for the rescue boat to bring her up, she offered this insight.  Were you too cold?  Were you too tired?  ¨No,¨she replied, Ït was the fog.  I lost all bearing from the heavy mist, became confused, and lost all hope and faith.

And so it is with us.  Tragedy and overwhelming loss results in such a thick fog that we lose all bearing and have no idea…

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4 thoughts on “Fromista, mid-day Monday

    • The story of why Bill felt called to walk the Camino is the one that gives me pause. Have you seen the movie The Way with Martin Sheen. It used to be on Netflix, it’s pretty good (at the very least it will make you think). You’re introspective enough you might like it (not a weighty movie, but people with very shallow entertainment tastes wouldn’t go for what is — essentially — a road trip movie).

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