Blessings for your Tuesday


To the same friend as  yesterday’s post…

Oh, right, and yeah, for a long time I was aiming at being a math professor. Most of the teaching I have done in my life? Math. Very gifted at math, science, history, literature, AND theology????? Um, I love art and music too. #RenaissanceWoman, #loveHildegardvonBingen

Oh, right…and if you named one of your pets after Hildegard von Bingen that automatically makes you cool enough to be my friend!!!!


My Dear Friend,

It has been my experience over many years of studying mathematics (still a love, but one I had to leave in a box quietly by the side of the road) that there are basically two temperaments in math professors: the ones who know and understand that math is a great game and a puzzle…and the ones for whom it becomes a religion. I am in the former camp — Calculus proofs are FAR more elegant and fun than, say, crossword puzzles.

My former Calculus professor for all three terms was of a similar mind, and just neat people. Professor, former missionary in Thailand, a pastor’s wife who sometimes preaches herself. She has a radio ministry, she’s mother of three grown sons, she’s grandma. She’s exactly the type of person you can imagine me falling in with because she is both “real” and interesting (I have no use for pretense, and narrowly conventional people generally can’t stand ME, nevermind that shallowness bores me to tears).

She has a great sense of humor, but maybe not as quick and wicked as mine. She is the professor, of course, but in proofs that take 3-5 boards to write out, sometimes minor mistakes are made along the way that get you stuck and backing up later (and you learn as much from the backing up, so it’s a good thing). The funny thing was that she would always have a stock-answer ready-made silly excuse for the mistake. My favorite habitual excuse was: “Because it’s Tuesday” — she never blamed any other day of the week but Tuesdays.

If you’re reading this, good morning to you my friend — it’s Tuesday. Blessings and love to you my friend because it’s Tuesday. We don’t ever need any other reason to celebrate a day besides the fact that God made it and we’re living it (both of those being very good things to celebrate). The verse goes: “Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS,” no conditional qualifiers. I pray you can find joy and peace in this day, come what may, no matter what, and even…because it’s Tuesday. I love you my friend, and you are in my prayers. Know that you are loved — treasured by God and by many. No matter what else this day brings, I pray you find joy, peace, and rest in that love my friend.

May the peace of Christ be with you in all things this day, and may the Holy Spirit bring you strength. Hugs to you my dear friend.

Much love in-Christ,



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