Love is never “unnecessary”


Mother’s Day is big for me — bigger than Christmas.  I don’t give big fancy gifts, but I do make sure cards happen (especially if you fit into one of these categories).  I just feel like there are so many amazing women who quietly speak into my life and the lives of others, or else need a little extra love in one direction or another. Mother’s Day can be damnably hard if it reminds you of sadness and sorrow and brokenness. I got many hugs and quiet “thank yous” yesterday, but I would love without the hugs and thank yous. One friend remarked something to the effect that it made her think about the importance of church “family”; that is the background of these words…

I didn’t really get a chance to comment on your comment to me yesterday — yes, church is a great place to ” find” family. In a lot of respects, for a very long time, church was the only “family” I had. Anyone not married and without children who is welcomed within a church congregation understands this well. It’s a beautiful thing, and while I wouldn’t say I take it for granted AT ALL, I think what I take for granted is that other people know as deeply as I do how church family can become “family,” and what a precious thing that can be. Another one of my card recipients caught me in-passing on Sunday morning, thanked me very much for my wonderful card, and cited “but completely unnecessary.” I immediately shot back: “Love is never ‘unnecessary.'”

And it isn’t. I wish more people understood that.

We all walk around so damned “brave” all the time, but a person can lose his or her humanity in “brave.” People don’t need an ego massage, but people do need to know they are loved and they matter. It is so easy to die of loneliness in a crowd in our culture. It is so easy to sleepwalk through life and lose-touch with one’s very humanity. We are all God’s dear creatures, made in his image — that’s a precious thing. If we are Christians, we are all God’s children with God within us in the form of the person of the Holy Spirit — that’s a holy thing. One of the things that screams out from the pages of the Bible, but especially the gospels, is that God understands very well just how much we need love.

Why is it we seemingly so easily forget?

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