Molinaseca – 20th Day, 6 May 2013

Just very worth reading and thinking about.

Not Alone on my Camino

After such a long, physically and emotionally draining day yesterday, I stayed in an albergue called San Roque, with 26 other bunk beds together in a single room.  Haha, what a brilliant idea.  This was a flashback from the albergue scene in “The Way.”

I had experienced such a wonderfully exhaustive cathartic day.  I slipped into my sleeping bag and, anticipating some snoring, smashed in the ear plugs as far as they would go, only to be awoken an hour later by a cacophony, a veritable symphony of snoring. I almost got out of my bed to get the phone so I could record it.  I kid you not, at one particular time there were 9 people snoring, in 7 distinct tones.  This was pretty funny at first, but after I was awoken a second time, just a few minutes later, it wasn’t funny anymore.  The problem was the earplugs…

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