REBLOG: There is some Good in the world, and it is worth fighting for

I had a long day yesterday, ended up on an iced tea bender (tall, black, unsweet…registered Starbucks card = endless free refills) at the Sherman Oaks Galleria last night, running away from home. More hard work in-store today.

The boys came home Wednesday night, today’s work will make it possible to bring the girls home. It’s above 90°F, hot, and muggy — no weather to be schlepping it anywhere.

Passed a rough night where an enthusiastc roach woke me (crawling up my arm) two hours after I went to bed). Spent the next two hours playing various forms of solitaire and “reading” Jane Austen’s Persuasion on audiobook. Got two more hours of unrestful sleep that included a nightmare about the creeper lawyer neighbor upstairs who everyone agrees would be an opportunistic rapist if he’d had enough to drink and saw a clear opportunity. The [roommates’] kids (5½, almost 4, and resolutely 2) woke me up breaking out to get the crated dog…after flooding the bathroom with dirty toilet water…which was unfortunately absorbed by all the dirty laundry in its path.

At way-too-early in the morning, I thought I heard them breaking out again but found my roommate looking for clean pants among the clean laundry. Her question to me was: “Can I kill my children?”

My answer was: “I’ll help. We’ll blame the dog.”

So…rocky start to my morning, and much hard work stretching out before me today. I had to smile and was very happy to find a post in my feed from one of my absolutely most favorite blogs…period…ever…period. The Livesays live the way a lot of noisy Christians talk like we should live; the Livesays are the real deal.

Thus for your consideration, one of my most favorite moments from Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:

Livesay [Haiti] Weblog: There is some Good in this world, and it is worth fighting for

Please cling to the hope that there is good and that it is worth fighting for. Blessings for your Friday. Prayers appreciated if you’re so inclined. — VKS


2 thoughts on “REBLOG: There is some Good in the world, and it is worth fighting for

  1. it is not all lost Val, as your humor is still intact..always blame the dog 😉 I hope that this 2cent comment is finding you in better sorts….lack of sleep, fitful sleep, troubling dreams all make for a rugged morning. I wish you could find a place, perhaps the garage apt of an older person who would like a good, watchful neighbor in turn for a low cost renter…..
    I like the big girl boots—we always talk about big girl pants in my neck of the woods—but I like the pointy toed boots better….prayer of opportunity my be in order….
    blessings dear one—

  2. Oh please, it’s almost impossible to kill my sense of humor (something some behavioral health professionals over time have not appreciated about my personality, no matter what the horrendous thing or situation, I can find its absurdity or crack a joke about it).

    Not in better sorts, though I at least slept half the day to make up for almost no sleep the past three days. I presently have a herd of six guinea pigs in my bed, four of whom will be four weeks old on Wednesday.

    They’re still pretty new at this “being alive” thing.

    Eleanor was the best mama pig ever, and taught actual birth son (Wentworth) and adopted daughter (Annie) very good manners about how to be a polite and civil and well-behaved guinea pig. Sophie is with Annie always, and is learning. The three boys are on rotation with Wentworth. Whichever little son is with daddy is the absolute model of good behavior.

    The problem is the third cage: two unattended small boys.

    Benwick is with Wentworth now, but last night Frederick was with daddy and Benwick and Harville were together…screaming at the top of their lungs because of separation anxiety…at 2:00 AM. Then running laps, tag, etc.

    This will pass and is totally age appropriate, but sleeping through the night isn’t a reality yet.

    A rented room could be a better bet, I’ve done garage apartments, they are like camping. No heat, no light, no A/C, no plumbing. It can get below freezing here at night in the winter and above 110°F here in the summer. No, garage apartment only out of dire desperation, I’d feel like an anchoress. An anchoress with guinea pigs.

    I owe you an e-mail with better details than I wish for the public domain. Incidentally, I love a lot of Leigh’s stuff at Curly Girl Designs — fun, creative, whimsical and sassy.

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