Surprise Guests

Beautiful and blessed my day 🙂


(photograph: Julie Cook/2013)

“Nature is the art of God.”
Dante Alighieri

Whenever I work in the yard, tend to the garden or have an opportunity of being out in the woods, there are no limits to the sights and sounds that so often bring me a sense of Divine Joy. I don’t know how anyone can stand outside, in the middle of “nature”, be it woods, ocean, mountains, field, garden–large or small, and definitely proclaim there is no Creator.

I have stood at the base of massive jagged mountains, ominous clouds capping the space above my head, as an angry, churning, black sea roared at my back–all the while feeling suddenly finite and small. I have stood waste high in brush, scanning the field for the infamous resident grizzles that called the very place I stood, home–all the while knowing that I was suddenly back in the food chain… and…

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4 thoughts on “Surprise Guests

    • Ask Julie, this was her post (which I also thought exceptionally beautiful, so I reblogged it). Wait…you probably don’t know Julie. Julie/Cookie is and is easily in my top five favorite blogs.

      As for any dealings with toads? I for one never would because I have a lifelong fear of amphibians rooted in my childhood along a river. Spiders and snakes are fine, but not frogs and toads and salamanders.

      • Oh Val, I thought my comment took me to Julie’s blog… I know your animal encounters are more squeaky than toads… 🙂

        • #WHEEP!!! #WHEEP!!!

          Unfortunately I also have far too many encounters with roaches for my liking, though they still aren’t as foul to me as amphibians.

          It’s Harville’s obvious close encounter with mites that has me concerned now though — means I have to treat the whole herd three times over.

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