Congratulations, you have brain cancer!

Because Livvy’s blog is wonderful and because ED awareness is something I care deeply and passionately about.

I weighed in on the original BMI BS post. To be clear, eating disorders are the biggest killer among mental illnesses, but also the most profoundly treatable…and yet the DSM definition is based solely on weight (further fuelling the numbers game). Thus, if a person suffering from anorexia nervosa merely gains weight to beyond a certain point, he or she is “cured” by the DSM definition, even if nothing else about his or her mental/emotional/spiritual self that led to the development of an eating disorder in the first place has changed. And if it is purely weight and not psychological what is it foing in the DSM in the first place? Further, it isimpossible to be at or above normal weight and suffering from anorexia. The whole thing is madness, Livvy’s analogy is a good one.

One Illness, One Name.


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