Things the Bible doesn’t say: Seek justice where it suits, love mercy if it’s attractive and easy, self-righteously flaunt it all


If the administration of social justice were applicable to only “desirable” populations — irrespective of individual case or individual character — every damned one of us would be bleeding out naked on the Jericho Road, every single one of us would be starving to death in a pig pen, every single one of us would perish in the wilderness without grace or mercy. There is absolutely no wiggle room whatsoever — Old Testament or New Testament — to condone partiality and discrimination in the administration of social justice. In-fact, often we are commanded explicitly to love and care for those we would rather not deal with and would prefer to zap off the face of the earth with lightning.

Any perspective apart from this, especially with respect to refugee populations, is squarely against God’s position as expressed in the Bible.

And as a Christian, any rhetoric or dialogue in the direction of partiality with respect to administration of compassion is just wrong. True justice, in that case, would be if God judged these individuals by a rule and a standard similar to their own.


4 thoughts on “Things the Bible doesn’t say: Seek justice where it suits, love mercy if it’s attractive and easy, self-righteously flaunt it all

  1. I try to be careful about speaking ill against others who call themselves Christians. It doesn’t do anyone any good to see “us” bashing each other, That being said, the Facebook posts by some of these people are so hate-filled as to be appalling. I wonder if they even know how they sound when, so sucked in by political agitators like Jay Sekulow and Fox News, spout the most prejudicial shameful drek I’ve ever seen. Unabashed prejudice and/or “let them eat cake”. There are some who I personally know love the Lord – you know them, too, but I can’t understand how they can say what they say and still raise their hands on a Sunday morning and claim to love what and who God loves. It pains me for more than one reason. People read these things and believe that’s how we all are and they will have to give an answer one day. Any time threads are started about social justice, inevitably it’ reduced a political “liberal against conservative” nasty name-calling fight.

    • But see, it also doesn’t do the folks actually attempting to walk as disciples of Christ any good to be silent in the midst of this to be lumped with the loudest who are the dissenters. My position isn’t against other Christians here, it’s against the posers hiding behind God. This issue hasn’t changed in 5000+ years as the Israelites failed miserably against God’s command toward compassion toward foreigners. The foul rhetoric spun by folks like Fox News, Sekulow, Prager, and others is completely apalling. I ended up in this huge deal in the middle of the night arguing against the premise that ALL potential Syrian refugees are Muslims and Islamist terrorists bent on the destruction and murder of Americans (shift that back to about 1980 when the parents of my own Iranian and Afghan friends were fleeing persecution in their own countries, the same xenophobic argument would have been made, despite the fact that the type of individual seeking refugee status is an individual the government of his or her own nation would like to see dead for opposition to extremism or tyranny). I also ended up arguing that executing Muslims with pork-infused bullets was a sick manifestation of a culture of murder, made sicker by proud public promotion of the idea. I may never “win” these arguments, but I also refuse to remain silent. As Bonhoeffer said, inaction is action. And people can call me whatever they want, I’d rather be hated by the hateful than silent for the persecuted.

      • I never win these arguments, either, Valerie, but I’ll not stay silent. We could easily make a full time job of it. Youtube is the worst of the worst and I’ve been threatened more times than I care to think of there and on Twitter.

        • It’s a distraction, I have no wish to make a full-time job of it, but I do pick my battles. I go after the ones most at home under white hoods and bed sheets or else persecutory of the poor and marginalized.

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