Happy Father’s Day from my herd to yours

I still need to write about and introduce my little captains (we already know daddy Wentworth, but three of his four kiddos with sweet Annie are fine little sons: Frederick, Harville, and Benwick).  It’s presently after 2:00 AM, so now is not the time for that, but as Wentworth is the most patient and adorable daddy pig ever (patience which reached a limit after 2:00 AM Saturday morning when Benwick was climbing all over Wentworth to try to wake him up to get him to play), he deserves a place to charm you (Note: All these photos were taken 12 May 2013, these guys were four days old at the time).


Mom, there's a pig in my food, that's not allowed.

(Little pigs L to R: Benwick, Frederick, and Harville on the far right  munching in the food dish)


Gotta sniff, it's the boy pig way.

(Little pigs: Bottom left, Benwick; Above Benwick, Frederick; Upper left, Harville)


I love how this one looks like he is telling them stories...

(Same orientation — Benwick in the bottom corner, his bestie Frederick above him, Harville in the upper corner)



Always take time to bounce, play, and just be silly — a still frame between bounces (Little boys, L to R: Benwick, Harville, Frederick).

Blessings for your Sunday, and Happy Father’s Day! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day from my herd to yours

    • Were they cats. There is a standard for tri-color in guinea pigs for the coat pattern “tortoiseshell and white,” but these pigs are all abominations to every breed standard that is. Harville, however, isn’t really tri-color black/brown/white because — like Annie — he has a single agouti dilution gene to give “golden agouti” patches where he would have black if he didn’t have the dilution gene. When you cross an agouti with a solid, agouti is a possibility. There are two types: silver agouti which has two copies of the dilution gene with gold and black tipped individual grey hairs, or golden agouti which has one copy of the dilution gene and has dark brown hairs with gold and black tipped hairs. My sister had a silver agouti boar she crossed with a tri-colored sow and she got four golden agouti cuties and one solid black sweetheart. Sophie is not pictured here, she is mostly white with black on her head and a tiny patch near her butt (shades of Wentworth’s daddy Watson). Her parents are so colorful and her brothers are so colorful…it’s like God forgot to finish coloring little Sophie. The crazy thing is that, as far as markings go, I have one baby each who looks like paternal grandpa (Sophie), paternal grandma (Benwick — Mr. Adorable® — who is spookily a lot like Eleanor in other ways too), mama (Harville, though if you changed his coloring to be like Wentworth, he looks EXACTLY like his daddy did for body morphology and facial features when his daddy was a baby), and daddy (Frederick, though he is a fair mix of his parents otherwise).

  1. Awww! Cute piggies!!!! I have a Golden Agouti myself (Willow) and she’s hopefully pregnant at the moment, and she was mated with a black rough coat so i’m hoping for Black and Golden Agouti roughs 🙂 My friend got a silver agouti from a golden, so it does happen! I love agoutis 🙂
    Also, there are a few mores types of agouti, are there not? I believe that the other four show standard types are cinnamon, lemon, cream and chocolate.
    Silver and Golden are easily the most common, but there are the more obscure colours.
    Sorry if I didn’t quite get your comment, maybe you were talking about the genes, but just wanted to say that, haha. 🙂

    • There are other dilution genes, though I’m not sure if all those colors are recognized in all places. Every pig in my set for three generations was some version of a tri-colored descendent of a tortoishell and white and/or dutch. You cross any agouti with that you’re going to get golden unless there is a secondary dilution gene involved. If you cross one of my tri-color golden agoutis like Annie or Harville with something with the dilution gene for blond, you’d get Nacho over on hutchagoodlife. We once had a guy who was a cross of what you would get if you crossed Noah on hutchagoodlife with Basil; his brother was black and blond. In my set, you’d never in a million years guess that Sophie was Harville’s littermate. She’s a hard sell as Annie’s daughter if you don’t know the rest of her family.

      • Ah okay; I get it now. Those are the National Agouti Show standard agouti colours that I listed, I just looked it up 😛
        Your pigs are absolutely lovely, do you show them?

        • Lovely, yes, but confirmational train wrecks as far as breed standards go (Wentworth being the “ugliest” pig I’ve ever owned, he’s confirmationally hilarious). They are temperamental gold though. If I had the connections, a few of them would be good in TV/movies/commercials, especially Annie. I’ve no time or use for showing though.

          And national for the U.K., we’re in California U.S.A., and there is some difference in breed standards here, but don’t ask me what. I bet the author of The Wheekly Reader would know, but she hasn’t posted in awhile.

          • Ahaha okay, I show my pigs in the Pet Section of shows for a bit of fun, don’t want to take it too seriously though as it’s more work and a big commitment.

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