Peace be with you

“Peace be with you, and if it is not with you, seek its company.”

Some thoughts and reflections (and photographs) from my trip to the Getty Villa last Saturday.

St. Val the Urban Monastic

We all need peace.

This was my view last Saturday at the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades, CA (between Malibu and Santa Monica on PCH).  I left oppressive 112°F heat at home for a breezy 75°F by the sea. The Getty Villa is the former estate of J. Paul Getty.  The whole place is modeled after a Roman villa and houses the majority of the Getty’s Greco/Roman art.

I don’t really give a rip for Greco/Roman art.

What I do love is their grounds and their gardens.  See the grape arbor across the pool in the first photograph?  It had a twin– the one I was sitting under when I took the photograph.

There are worse ways to pass an afternoon than sitting — writing — with a picnic lunch, on a bench, in the shade, catching an ocean breeze, on a fine summer day.

It’s never crowded there —…

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