Bright Prayers in a Dark Garden

We’ll be studying this passage in class this morning.

St. Val the Eccentric

I was sitting in church at the local parish church up the street Thursday morning, waiting for a special prayer service to start with the kids from the parish school.  I’m Presbyterian, but the Roman Catholics worship God every day, so it’s with the beautiful and faithful parishoners of the wonderful and dynamic church up the street that you’ll find me many mornings.

We love Jesus, I have no apologies.

I only grabbed my J.B. Phillips New Testament in Modern English to take with me as I scooted out the door (quite literally — there was a Razor scooter involved as my primary mode of transport up the street).  Service was sweet, though not particularly deep — it was like a typical little kids’ chapel service.

In flipping through to compare Last Supper and Passion narratives, I found no traditional, liturgical “Last Supper” narrative in the Gospel of John, but…

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