Sad news

I’m working on other stuff, but the got news this morning that one of my best friends from junior high and high school died suddenly yesterday.

For many reasons I am reeling. She would want me to write on.

Blessings — VKS


Me and my friend Laurie at the Santa Barbara Zoo in 2009


4 thoughts on “Sad news

    • She would’ve loved you guys (but would’ve also been allergic). She loved all animals and went to school to be a zookeeper and had just graduated from grad school to be a biology teacher. She loved life so much she made it her life’s work — literally!!!!

    • Bless you for your prayers. Her parents are Karen and Gary.

      She was an only child — that’s the other part that kills all of us, how amazing her parents are. She was twelve days older than me with a life very much in future-tense. She was one of the most positive people you could ever hope to meet (occasionally irritatingly so). If her Facebook wall was a stuffed animal/candle shrine, it would require police to direct traffic flow at this point. From a theological perspective I’m sorry to say that I have more questions than answers right now. One of the essays I wrote to get into that lovely Jesuit university near the Los Angeles Airport was basically a synthesis of biographical hardship and ministry résumé — with a sermon on sanctification in the middle — pointing to the idea that I’d done something with all that terrible dark brokenness by allowing God to use it as a tool for me to help/bless others.

      I got into university very easily, but still can’t actually go.

      For so many reasons 2013 has added about twenty more pages to that essay (I’m honestly at that place where Job must’ve been at some point, stunned and wondering: “How many more messengers?”).

      I’m aiming at an M.Div. and an eventual career in ministry. This is going to be a nightmare of a “professional development course” in pastoral care. Is it weird to think about it that way? Maybe. But I’d challenge anyone to come up with something better. One of my best friends had a headache and disorientation on Wednesday — diagnosis was viral meningitis, MRSA, and encephalitis. The brain damage was so catastrophic and total there was never any hope of recovery, and she was dead on Friday.

      The idea of “reasons” goes to hell at that point.

      If we’re trying to look for places to find God in all things, the idea that I’m about to find out what I’m made of and will have a chance to help console friends as we console each other is a place to start.

      My faith, integrity, and resolve have been tested by so many things this year, but this is one of the cruelest.

      How many more messengers?

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