Weekend Work 7-29-13: The Hits Just Keep Coming

I was featured as a favorite comment here regarding a comment I made in another (completely hysterical post you should totally read) on this blog. This made my day on a day that seriously needed cheering up.

Peabody's Lament

Last Tuesday started off pretty typically here at the American Hysterical Society: we quietly exhibited a new collections piece, this one an original perspective on the visiting habits of museum professionals. That was six days, 4,000+ Facebook and Twitter shares, and almost 15,000 views from 30 countries ago!

All we can say is Holy Charles Willson Peale!

So many museum folks not only got the joke, but gleefully laughed at themselves. After everything the museum field has been through these last few years, it was heartening to see people take a breath and a step back. We would like to thank all of you who laughed along with us. You are our target audience.

Of course, not everyone thought it was funny. There were some who felt we had gone too far or that we shouldn’t pick on the noble museum profession. We would like to thank those…

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