Listening to silence

A very worthy read. I found the Loyola Press video in my feed this morning.

Felice mi fa

What would you hear if you sat in silence?

I just started reading Thirty Days: on retreat with the exercises of St Ignatius, having finally schlepped over to the Boston Public Library’s central branch to borrow a copy. I figured I’d read it and then come up with something to say, but barely 20 pages I was so moved that I knew the reflection couldn’t wait.


My first and only silent retreat was now ten and a half years ago, and I remember it like it was yesterday: the brilliance of the Maine waters in the crisp winter air, my disappointment with a spiritual director who I felt gave me no direction, the table where I played with colored pencils for hours, and the beach where I went by myself to sing to the sea, having realized that even in silence I couldn’t last long without song.

Most importantly…

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2 thoughts on “Listening to silence

    • ‘Tis a good post, and I am too…not mysellf for much writing these days. Always happy to find something goid to share when I can’t bring myself.

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