WARNING!!!! If you take photos with your cell phone

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook. I felt that it was worth a reblog because it’s creepy and scary and people need to know about this.


2 thoughts on “WARNING!!!! If you take photos with your cell phone

  1. The video appears to be about three years old, but the information is still timely. Thank you for the reblog.

    You can always check the properties of an image file to see whether personal information is contained there (in what I think is called the EXIF data–I’m neither a computer programmer nor a photographer). I know that, if you want to go to the trouble, in Windows 7 anyway (which I use) you can make a copy stripped of personal information by right-clicking the file, going to Properties, and looking under the Details tab. Many online social sites also offer options for stripping EXIF data from every photo you upload.

    It pays to be cautious. One wonders how much one can do, though. With various records now openly available online whereas you used to have to go to a courthouse or a county or municipal building to find the information, there is so little privacy these days.

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