Finding goodness in ruined plans

From the other blog, making the best of a messed up day.

St. Val the Urban Monastic

Thursday didn’t work out as planned.

It was the Feast Day of the Assumption, and I had these grand plans to go downtown to the Cathedral for mass, spend the day, maybe hit the Hollywood Bowl for the second performance of the Verdi Requiem on Thursday night. I realize to any who realize that I am very much not Roman Catholic, that probably sounds a bit batty (especially since I neither hold to saints as intercessors nor to the doctrine of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary).

Well, best-laid plans were laid-low by a roaring headache (thank you wonky monsoon weather!).

I didn’t sleep well Wednesday night, woke up in a fit state of nasty nausea, and knew I wasn’t in any shape for a day out in the City of Angels (actually, the City of the Queen of the Angels — the name of my city is cribbed from…

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