It’s not about “social” it’s about eternity

This post was originally a comment in rebuttal to another blog post elsewhere. It has taken on QUITE a life of its own over on St. Val the Urban Monastic, and has a VERY lively comments feed at this point on the “yucky” elements of the question of salvation.

St. Val the Urban Monastic


The thing about sticking your neck out, is that it can get cut off.

I wrote the following very thoughtfully in response to this post — Millennials, the Church, Psychoanalysis, and the Prayer of Jesus.

I have no idea how it will be received — perhaps badly, as my words are not gentle ones — but I believe these words to the core of my being.

I’m sick of overtures — eternity is at stake.

I’m sick of people playing church.

I’m sick of the marketing campaigns for “cool” church.

I’m sick of all of it. I understand well that human traditions and cultural can bring a lot of good things to worship, but they are also responsible for a lot of the garbage pouring into “the church” (and for resistance to putting out the garbage).

I am here to worship the Lord my God and serve him only.

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