Its Not Easy: Building Community

As an introvert, yup. This is a good field guide of sorts for introverts.

Dorothy Day Center for Faith & Justice

2013-05-29 19.45.37

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece on this blog about not going alone in this life and the importance of community.  But I also know that building community is not easy.  When I put the microscope on my own life, I realize that I am a classic example of how we all struggle to seek, create and nurture authentic community.  So I want share about what I am learning, mostly through my own mistakes, misgivings and fear.  Creating authentic community is always a challenge, but I continue to seek it because it fills my basic human need for deep connection with others, and I believe that it is the key ingredient to a sense of solidarity or the understanding that our fates are bound together with others’ on this journey.

First, I am introverted, which means that I gain energy from being alone, being still, being quiet.  And…

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