What defines you?

Very worthy of a reblog, something that made me think this morning.


To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.
e. e. cummings

Pacific Rim Trail / Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada / Julie Cook / 2011

I imagine if you ask people what it is that defines who they are, most people would respond with something associated with their work or job. It is as if they are a product of the job. I had written an entire little preamble to today’s topic about work, jobs and identity..of how we tend to let work or the job suck up our identity but I really didn’t like where that seemed to be leading…feeling as if I began veering off base.

My intention and my thoughts here are to go much deeper than…

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God never tires of us

Still here, but trying to adjust (and cope) with just too much change and upheval in life. This is a good word, and it blessed my day. May it bless yours as well.

Keeping Company

Consider the following, from a recent report on the homily given by Pope Francis on 13th October, in the National Catholic Reporter:

Fortunately, the Christian knows that “we can be unfaithful, but he [God] cannot: He is ‘the faithful one,’” he added.

One woman in the crowd shed tears as Pope Francis said that God in his mercy “never tires of stretching out his hand to lift us up, to encourage us to continue our journey, to come back and tell him of our weakness, so that he can grant us his strength.”

“This is the real journey: to walk with the Lord always, even at moments of weakness, even in our sins.”

God never tires of us. Amen.

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Looking ahead?

From the sister blog…blessings for your Sunday — VKS

St. Val the Urban Monastic


I’m sitting in my new place, home alone tonight, thinking and studying for my lesson tomorrow: I’m teaching “Joseph’s Later Life” to the 3-to-5 set.

I could tell you the story of Joseph upside-down, inside-out and backwards, as I’ve — oddly — taught it almost every single year since I’ve been teaching Sunday School at all.  Joseph’s story (see Genesis 37-50) is the story in the Bible on providence (apart from, of course, Christ’s story).

I have a lot to be thankful for this week, but I’m afraid my life has just been a muddle of disordered affections in recent days.

The life of a man like Joseph is easier to read when you know how the story ends.  Uncertainty is harder to deal with in day-to-day pieces.

In so many ways life overwhelms me right now (not the least of them being crazy Santa Ana winds…

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