Haters for Jesus

I haven’t been writing much lately for a variety of reasons related to a very rough transition to my new life, such as it is.  I’m still reading though, and one of many blogs I really enjoy is A Life Overseas: The Missions Conversation.


Seriously, it’s a cool blog and worth your time — a variety of thoughtful voices on life and work as a missionary overseas.


This morning I found a post that gave me real pause — so much so that I considered breaking my “nothing but original content, no reblogs” rule over on St. Val the Urban Monastic. The post is Are you playing to win, or playing not to lose?, and is on a topic I speak about frequently in context of attempting to explain my position on various political views in conversations with various (generally annoying) individuals trying to recruit me for various causes. My comment when I posted this on Facebook (knowing it could set me up for a cat fight or two) was as follows:

The sad thing is, that there are so many people who have been indoctrinated to this who don’t even know they are — essentially — doing the devil’s bidding. I have a name for them: Haters for Jesus. I know what they are AGAINST, and they often use scripture as an excuse to justify their behavior. Trouble is, I never see or hear about what they are “for” in any way because they never seem to be “for” anything, just really, really, really, really angry…about basically everything.

My point being, don’t let this be you (though I seriously doubt this is applicable to my regular readers, you’re not prone to mindless indoctrination).

Sidebar note: Prayers appreciated for my [new] roommate (who is a long-time friend) — she is very sick, and Ideopathic Intracranial Hypertension, combined with a few other things, is making her life a living hell this week. There are too many doctor appointments and ER trips for this poor young woman.

3 thoughts on “Haters for Jesus

  1. I totally agree and am off to check out that other blog now. people who do not stand for anything are usually the same people who will stand for everything which is of this world, those that have no conviction and stand for nothing/everything are angry and wimpy!

    • I disagree — the people I’m talking about, it’s not that they don’t stand for anything, it’s that what they stand for is — essentially — hate. They live in this “us” vs. “them” universe where “those people” are the reason the world is going to hell in a handbasket. Most of them, at least as far as Christians are concerned, are ultra-Conservative separatists who have no use for the world at all, excerpt for all the vitriolic political hate vomit about all “those people” — the liberal/communist/liberal/secular/liberal/heathen/liberal/pagan/liberal/satanic/liberal/evil/liberal/Muslim/liberal/terrorist/liberal/homosexual/liberal/illegal immigrant/liberal people — who are destroying the world because they exist. They are angry, but that same type of hatred has fueled crusades and genocides for thousands of years. By no means am I the tolerance fairy whitewashing actual evil and sin, but when it becomes a question of “people just like me” vs. “everyone else (and they are all evi)” I have to call that into question.

      • okay, i mis-understood your original intent, but I think that we are both correct. Also, after your clarification, i agree with your synopsis of “them” when they talk about “those people. Thank you for taking the time to set me straight 🙂

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