Haters for Jesus

Haters for Jesus

I haven’t been writing much lately for a variety of reasons related to a very rough transition to my new life, such as it is.  I’m still reading though, and one of many blogs I really enjoy is A Life Overseas: The Missions Conversation.


Seriously, it’s a cool blog and worth your time — a variety of thoughtful voices on life and work as a missionary overseas.


This morning I found a post that gave me real pause — so much so that I considered breaking my “nothing but original content, no reblogs” rule over on St. Val the Urban Monastic. The post is Are you playing to win, or playing not to lose?, and is on a topic I speak about frequently in context of attempting to explain my position on various political views in conversations with various (generally annoying) individuals trying to recruit me for various causes. My comment when I posted this on Facebook (knowing it could set me up for a cat fight or two) was as follows:

The sad thing is, that there are so many people who have been indoctrinated to this who don’t even know they are — essentially — doing the devil’s bidding. I have a name for them: Haters for Jesus. I know what they are AGAINST, and they often use scripture as an excuse to justify their behavior. Trouble is, I never see or hear about what they are “for” in any way because they never seem to be “for” anything, just really, really, really, really angry…about basically everything.

My point being, don’t let this be you (though I seriously doubt this is applicable to my regular readers, you’re not prone to mindless indoctrination).

Sidebar note: Prayers appreciated for my [new] roommate (who is a long-time friend) — she is very sick, and Ideopathic Intracranial Hypertension, combined with a few other things, is making her life a living hell this week. There are too many doctor appointments and ER trips for this poor young woman.

Seriously Weird Searches Saturday . . .

A hilarious take on one hilarious aspect of blogging — what the blank people search on to find your blog. My personal favorites in my own case:

“does ned flanders drink tea” and “pieta mary magdalene madelein l’engle” and “you’re not consciously that you are breathing meme” (I am consciously you no write English) and “i don’t care what day he died on jesus” and “why god gives us eccentric mothers” and “sailing for god coloring page” and “patron saint catharine guinea pigs” (noting that “catharine” is spelled wrongly) and “always make me waiting” and “wish i could sleep.”

Hutch A Good Life

Well Mummy was having a little look at her stats to see what people are searching for that brings them here.

The great part is, the majority are searching the blog name and finding us. Other searches include “help, my guinea pig has heat stroke” “my guinea pig is sick, what should i do” “guinea pig first aid kit” “homemade guinea pig toys” “what to give bored guinea pigs” and “try to stay mad at these adorable faces”

All very cute and normal, but then there are some strange one’s that made Mummy pull faces and wonder how on Earth they ended up here!

A few of our favourites include:

if men had tails like dogs do name something that would cause them to wag  –  But hoomans don’t has tails . . . I suppose they would wag if they saw a cute piggy though.


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On life, glacial evangelism, and a Reblog: “Just Be…Normal”

On life, glacial evangelism, and a Reblog: “Just Be…Normal”

“Life isn’t always about being ‘out there,’ always with a smile on our faces and willing to give a measured account of Christ’s death and resurrection in fine-print detail.  Sometimes life is about — well, everyday life.  And just being ourselves — normal people — is enough to bring hope where it’s needed.”
— Tsh Oxenreider Simple Mom

I’m a born writer, and I love to write, but I am all too familiar with all life changing in an instant.  My own world started going down in flames a week ago Friday, but it turned into a raging inferno last Thursday afternoon.  It was just after four, I’d been passing the afternoon in a completely mundane way — my netbook has some “special” qualities (e.g., the screen only works when you hold it tilted 45° facing the keys and typing blind, the battery is on its way out and won’t hold a charge, and it won’t pick up the weak WiFi signal in the house because its antenna isn’t as sensitive as my NOOK tablet), so because of this it hadn’t been online for awhile…thus when I turned it on over visiting my mother and niece for lunch, it started updating everything.


So much for my planned job search.

I made myself a cup of tea around four, was going to drink that and head home.  While I was waiting for it to cool, I had my USB cables and was going to move picture files of baby guinea pigs off my phone and onto the other two computers to upload to Facebook (easy, something to be done over a cup of tea).

Things didn’t work out that way.

When I pulled out my phone (still silenced from when I pit it on Silent Mode for the morning’s Bible Study class), I found text messages and missed calls about an emergency unfolding back home.

Dumped a perfect and beautiful cup of too-hot tea down the sink (I’m pretty sure tea — not blood — flows through my veins).  I am still sorry about this.


Raced home the five or so blocks to take my place in the unfolding nightmare as “support staff” to the famiily I live with (and have lived with for the past two years).  Without much for details, suffice it to say that my role is somewhat one of an embedded missionary, kind of like Mary Poppins/care pastor in a family with three small children.  I love them all, they are family.

The advantage in this situation is that I am cool in crisis, have some background how to navigate what is going on (it’s on my résumé), and an already an established/stable/normal presence in this household.  “Miss Val’s in-charge” brings no drama, and Miss Val will probably take you on an adventure.

But the disadvantage is that my own life is now in the middle of a very big mess (prayers appreciated if you are so-inclined), which has put my own ability to write and every single plan and “To Do” List on hold.

So my own life and writing are probably somewhat on-hold at present, and I am going to have to let the wise and inspiring words of others carry me — and you, perhaps — for a little while until I know what’s what.

But I’m still reading and still thinking, still an absolute prayer warrior for intercession in the lives of all I love so dearly.

That said, the post I’m reblogging here with a link really resonated with me when I read it this morning . Now, you’ve heard of “elevator pitch” evangelism? That’s the speed-talking-close-the-deal-to-the-point-why-you-need-Jesus.

And I don’t think it works.

My evangelism style — especially with the Jonahs and burned-by-churchy-hypocrites God sends my way (I haven’t met an Ethiopian eunuch yet) — is more along the lines of “glacial evangelism.”

Because glaciers move very, very, very slowly…but have a profound and deep impact on everything in their path.


Yes, St. Val knows this is the proper cultural reference

My personal philosophy is that the world does not need another Jesus freak who truly is a freak — no knowledge of how life in a secular society works, profoundly lacking social skills, not merely intolerant but downright hostile, and so ridiculously fake and polished as to be grating and abrasive. So many of the broken people God sends me have been burned by just such people.

What I am advocating is not a policy of being soft on Jesus in the least. The truth is that if you are truly a Christian, truly empowered by the Holy Spirit, your life will be radically different starting with the way you think and view the world. That’s not to say you will be a socially inept separatist, rejecting the world wholly…it just means you will be a little more mindful of your choices, values, how you spend your time, and how you live your life.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t still be a normal person.

Because the truth of the matter is, unless you are a “real” person of character and integrity, no one in the world is going to care to listen to what you say anyway. The truth about evangelism is that if you can make a friend, you can “do evangelism,” because the entire process is profoundly relational.

Which is why I think the whole crusade model and elevator pitch evangelism is garbage: no follow-through.

Because life in-Christ, a life of discipleship isn’t about “say the thing, pray the prayer — *poof* — #HolySpirit!!! No, there is much more to living a life of Christian Discipleship not covered in any ither way but…living a life of Christian Discipleship. That really is the beginning and end of it. And it may draw ire to say I’m soft on ire for saying it, but by no means am I insinuating that the only thing necessary for Christian evangelism is to be a nice person and hope people notice. Sometimes the everyday nitty-gritty details of what effective witnessing requires is the street cred of normalcy and just being ourselves (in-Christ) to witness that Christianity isn’t something open for application only to supersaint separatists.

Submitted for your consideration: (in)courage — Just Be…Normal

Blessings for your Sunday (so glad it’s Sunday, I really need to spend some time with my church family in all that swirls!!!) — VKS

A rose among thorns

This blessed my day on a day that seriously needed blessing, and on a morning when clinging to a conviction that life is precious seems a minority opinion. I am floating in a fog of an unfolding nightmare, I cannot offer you my own words just now, but I know my friend will not mind me offering hers instead. Blessings for your day. — VKS



“O my Luve’s like a red, red rose That’s newly sprung in June; O my luve’s like the melodie That’s sweetly play’d in tune. As fair art thou, my bonie lass, So deep in luve am I; And I will luve thee still, my Dear, Till a’the seas gang dry. Till a’the seas gang dry, my Dear, And the rocks melt wi’ the sun: O I will love thee still, my Dear, While the sands o’ life shall run.”
– Robert Burns

Granted this is not a red rose, and I’m not in Scotland (unless I took the low road and you took the high road 🙂 ) but it is June and I thought it fitting that my single little wild primrose should find itself fortunate to be honored by the likes of Robbie Burns.

I actually spied this little beauty on a jaunt last Sunday out in the…

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Congratulations, you have brain cancer!

Because Livvy’s blog is wonderful and because ED awareness is something I care deeply and passionately about.

I weighed in on the original BMI BS post. To be clear, eating disorders are the biggest killer among mental illnesses, but also the most profoundly treatable…and yet the DSM definition is based solely on weight (further fuelling the numbers game). Thus, if a person suffering from anorexia nervosa merely gains weight to beyond a certain point, he or she is “cured” by the DSM definition, even if nothing else about his or her mental/emotional/spiritual self that led to the development of an eating disorder in the first place has changed. And if it is purely weight and not psychological what is it foing in the DSM in the first place? Further, it isimpossible to be at or above normal weight and suffering from anorexia. The whole thing is madness, Livvy’s analogy is a good one.

One Illness, One Name.

Just a few more weeks…..

Love this.



“Love is a fruit in season at all times, and within reach of every hand.”
Mother Teresa

Any walk in the woods, or even a ride down a rural road these days, will reveal that in the midsts of the weedy bramble and brush awaits beautiful tiny pink and red jewels which are slowly but surly ripening to a glossy juicy black. In just a few short weeks we will be rewarded by a wealth of blackberries—all ripe and ready for the picking.

Now these are of the wild variety, so they are smaller than their cultivated cousins and perhaps a bit more sour—all you need is to add just the right amount of sugar, a little lemon juice, a dash of cinnamon, a splash of creme de cassis…cook it down slowly and you have a heavenly warm compote worthy of ice-cream or pound cake—-or place this in a small…

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REBLOG: (in)courage >> “Sometimes Love Is Spoken Mainly In Our Tears”

I was up very, very, very late last night — babysitting on sentry for awake children.  It seemed like a good time to edit a post I’d been working on (found here), so I was playing my usual Google Images scavenger hunt looking for an image to match the idea:

“And it’s those quiet moments when there are tears without words and hugs that don’t let go that I am reminded of just how great and beautiful a grace it is to  have Christ’s love, by the Spirit, to each other, through us.”

Eventually I found a beautiful icon of The Visitation (when Mary visits Elisabeth in Luke 1), but along the way in my search I found this post:


Blessings for your day as this blessed mine. – VKS