Don’t cross here

Don’t cross here

Because apparently traffic in Los Angeles was not freaking mental enough, we needed this:


You have GOT to be kidding me

The source for this is this article.  Not everyone in L.A. is an idiot, I promise.


Seriously Weird Searches Saturday . . .

A hilarious take on one hilarious aspect of blogging — what the blank people search on to find your blog. My personal favorites in my own case:

“does ned flanders drink tea” and “pieta mary magdalene madelein l’engle” and “you’re not consciously that you are breathing meme” (I am consciously you no write English) and “i don’t care what day he died on jesus” and “why god gives us eccentric mothers” and “sailing for god coloring page” and “patron saint catharine guinea pigs” (noting that “catharine” is spelled wrongly) and “always make me waiting” and “wish i could sleep.”

Hutch A Good Life

Well Mummy was having a little look at her stats to see what people are searching for that brings them here.

The great part is, the majority are searching the blog name and finding us. Other searches include “help, my guinea pig has heat stroke” “my guinea pig is sick, what should i do” “guinea pig first aid kit” “homemade guinea pig toys” “what to give bored guinea pigs” and “try to stay mad at these adorable faces”

All very cute and normal, but then there are some strange one’s that made Mummy pull faces and wonder how on Earth they ended up here!

A few of our favourites include:

if men had tails like dogs do name something that would cause them to wag  –  But hoomans don’t has tails . . . I suppose they would wag if they saw a cute piggy though.


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To Do List

Saw this photo in my Facebook feed from The Guinea Pig Zone, credited to Joey Phoenix Photography.  Too cute not to share.  Life is hard, I get by.  Writing is very hard right now.  Blessings — VKS


Hugs to Nutty, Nacho, Buddy, and Basil (and Amy too,of course) — hope you have answers, and that Nutty is feeling better.  Love from the Wigglewhiskers clan.

Very hard work indeed

Very hard work indeed

Found this in my Facebook feed from a site called Guinea Pig Zone.  Had to post this, it’s too funny not to.


On a more serious note, my childhood best friend’s funeral was yesterday, and I was horrified to find out…after the service…and after we’d shoveled dirt on her coffin?  Her father had actually asked me to give a eulogy BUT I NEVER GOT THE MESSAGE!!!

If there was a way to make my day worse, that was it — realizing I’d missed the chance to greatly honor my friend because Facebook ate the private message.

So…I’m working on “what I would have said.”  It won’t be the same, but you don’t get a “do-over” on funerals.

Blessings — VKS



This isn’t one of my pigs, but I saw it in my Facebook feed the other day from one of the cavy organizations and it just made my day.  I really don’t think dogs and cats are cute.  Not remotely, not even a little.  But guinea pigs?  Freakin’ adorable.  It’s been a rough week, my friend’s funeral might be Sunday.  Blessings for your Friday. — VKS