Life, such as it is

Life, such as it is


Photo source: Guinea Pig Zone

Life has not been kind lately, and most days I honestly feel like every aspect of my life is an accelerated program for professional development for pastoral care.  It’s like job training via sadists, it’s &%$#ing ridiculous at this point.

Seriously.  &%$#ing.  Ridiculous.

And every day it’s some new thing — something on Facebook, an e-mail, something happening outside my door.  I can’t discuss any of it here, but it’s quite a list of people coming to me for random horrible things that also happen to be on my life experience résumé.

Really, God?!?!?!  Really?!?!?!?!

News flash: the whole “pastoral care” thing?  I’m not getting paid for this.  And I’m not putting myself out there as the random emotional dumping ground for the universe — it just happens that (when my best friends aren’t dropping dead) very many close long-time friends are coming to me for counsel…all at once.


I don’t get a break from this, ever, except when I am at church, in church, actively worshipping or praying.

I love that the Roman Catholic church is OPEN 7 DAYS for prayer and worship, because guess what? I can’t “schedule” or “save up” my need to find a sacred space for prayer and worship for a specific hour a week on Sundays. Thank God a million times over for morning mass.

Add sweltering muggy heat on top of it all.

Sunday night I was struck by my life and that I can’t believe I ever considered anything but ministry.

I am overwhelmed. Tomorrow I am taking a sanity day.

Which way is “UP” again?

Which way is “UP” again?


Photo source: Curly Girl Designs

It’s been a crazy week, between:

– cleaning (when was the last time you stripped down, cleaned, and reassembled a vacuum cleaner?)

– racing back and forth between my house and my sister’s house to take care of the baby guineas

– my normal life

– running errands

– countless things I’m forgetting

(all of the above in summerish heat — it’s over 100°F here today!!!!)


The chemicals from last Saturday are peeling the skin off my feet, so I really do need to do all the cleaning I originally intended before I can bring those sweet guinea pigs home.

On a brighter note, I was discharged from physical therapy last Friday, so back to trying to find work again…on top of everything else (which will require side trips to the library on to of that…maybe).

(Double ugh.)

And I still need to think about moving.

(More “ughs” than I can count.)

But you know…the thing that is depressing the blank out if me is that I’m packing up the theology books.  Correction — I am meticulously cleaning them, individually bagging them in plastic bags, and packing up the theology books.

This was finals week at the university I was supposed to attend, and graduation was this afternoon.  This mess was not how this week was supposed to end…

…but here we are.



Pics and details on Annie’s sweet babies when I have time to edit together a post…blah…VKS