Happy Father’s Day from my herd to yours

Happy Father’s Day from my herd to yours

I still need to write about and introduce my little captains (we already know daddy Wentworth, but three of his four kiddos with sweet Annie are fine little sons: Frederick, Harville, and Benwick).  It’s presently after 2:00 AM, so now is not the time for that, but as Wentworth is the most patient and adorable daddy pig ever (patience which reached a limit after 2:00 AM Saturday morning when Benwick was climbing all over Wentworth to try to wake him up to get him to play), he deserves a place to charm you (Note: All these photos were taken 12 May 2013, these guys were four days old at the time).


Mom, there's a pig in my food, that's not allowed.

(Little pigs L to R: Benwick, Frederick, and Harville on the far right  munching in the food dish)


Gotta sniff, it's the boy pig way.

(Little pigs: Bottom left, Benwick; Above Benwick, Frederick; Upper left, Harville)


I love how this one looks like he is telling them stories...

(Same orientation — Benwick in the bottom corner, his bestie Frederick above him, Harville in the upper corner)



Always take time to bounce, play, and just be silly — a still frame between bounces (Little boys, L to R: Benwick, Harville, Frederick).

Blessings for your Sunday, and Happy Father’s Day! 🙂

REBLOG: There is some Good in the world, and it is worth fighting for

REBLOG: There is some Good in the world, and it is worth fighting for

I had a long day yesterday, ended up on an iced tea bender (tall, black, unsweet…registered Starbucks card = endless free refills) at the Sherman Oaks Galleria last night, running away from home. More hard work in-store today.

The boys came home Wednesday night, today’s work will make it possible to bring the girls home. It’s above 90°F, hot, and muggy — no weather to be schlepping it anywhere.

Passed a rough night where an enthusiastc roach woke me (crawling up my arm) two hours after I went to bed). Spent the next two hours playing various forms of solitaire and “reading” Jane Austen’s Persuasion on audiobook. Got two more hours of unrestful sleep that included a nightmare about the creeper lawyer neighbor upstairs who everyone agrees would be an opportunistic rapist if he’d had enough to drink and saw a clear opportunity. The [roommates’] kids (5½, almost 4, and resolutely 2) woke me up breaking out to get the crated dog…after flooding the bathroom with dirty toilet water…which was unfortunately absorbed by all the dirty laundry in its path.

At way-too-early in the morning, I thought I heard them breaking out again but found my roommate looking for clean pants among the clean laundry. Her question to me was: “Can I kill my children?”

My answer was: “I’ll help. We’ll blame the dog.”

So…rocky start to my morning, and much hard work stretching out before me today. I had to smile and was very happy to find a post in my feed from one of my absolutely most favorite blogs…period…ever…period. The Livesays live the way a lot of noisy Christians talk like we should live; the Livesays are the real deal.

Thus for your consideration, one of my most favorite moments from Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:

Livesay [Haiti] Weblog: There is some Good in this world, and it is worth fighting for

Please cling to the hope that there is good and that it is worth fighting for. Blessings for your Friday. Prayers appreciated if you’re so inclined. — VKS

REBLOG: Changing How We View the Present – Everyday Awe

REBLOG: Changing How We View the Present – Everyday Awe

The line:

“This is one of life’s great temptations:
to view the past as full of good memories,
the future as full of possibilities,
and the present as full of inconvenience.”

caught my attention to say the least.

I’ve barely stopped moving for cleaning and taking care of guinea pigs. I’m starting to feel like a nut for cleaning and bagging EVERYTHING in my life in at least two layers of plastic. Add to this the complication that Annie is wasting away thin being outnumbered 4:1 by her adorable kiddos who are taking more out of her than she has to give, thus requiring me to supplement her with syring feedings as much as possible (made complicated by the fact that all the pigs are still at my sister’s house!!!).

The insanity of my life? Twice Friday I went to my sister’s house via bus and Razor scooter to care for my guinea pigs. Friday morning I was syring feeding Annie. On my right: the box of her four pups intermittantly freaking out and WHEEP!-ing at the tops of their lungs (Benwick, this means you!) for Annie to be put back. On my left: my dead-tired baby niece who woke herself up hungry then re-woke herself up pooping…I was just eyeing her to make sure she stayed put and had some inert toy to mess with while Grammy got a chance to eat something, as poor Grammy hadn’t had a break to do so. I was listening to the audiobook of Persuasion by Jane Austen at the time. Every one of my six guinea pigs is named for a character in Persuasion, but as Anne Elliot has a sister named Elizabeth, my niece’s name also is found among the characters…and there we all were.

This is my life.

That said, I’m still mining my RSS feed for posts worthy of reblog. Eventually I will have time to finish the post I started on Tuesday…

Here was one that I found amazing, on (written by an introspective Christian mom), a post titled “Changing How We View the Present,” click below for the hyperlink to the article:

Changing How We View the Present

Blessings for your day! – VKS

Herd’s the word

Sometime between when my sister left for work and when my brother-in-law wandered through the office this morning, Annie had her babies.

Not one…

Not two….

Not three…

But FOUR baby Wigglewhiskers!

There was the thought that the little runty white one was being rejected, but removing the house did the trick.  She’s still bleeding out a bit, and I’m waiting to get some alfalfa for them to clean the box out.  Annie is a great mama pig (as I knew she would be).

Annie and Wentworth are named for the two main characters in Jane Austen’s Persuasion.  Thus, names for kiddos all come from the same novel.

O Captain, my Captain — three little captains: Frederick, Harville, and Benwick — and the sweet runty little white Sophie girl.

Pictures and personality profiles soon.