Don’t cross here

Don’t cross here

Because apparently traffic in Los Angeles was not freaking mental enough, we needed this:


You have GOT to be kidding me

The source for this is this article.  Not everyone in L.A. is an idiot, I promise.

My morning wake-up bug hunt

One of the more disgusting aspects of my present missionary post, as it were, is that we are overrun with roaches (nasty on levels you don’t want to think about).  In addition to sweltering heat, there are bugs.  It’s gross.  These do not feel like “first-world” problems.  The first thing I saw this morning when my alarm went off was a small roach scurrying toward my bookshelf.  It ran around a volume of Thomas Merton and a volume of three collected works of Augustine.  Seemed a pity to kill the beast since it obviously had good taste in theology, but it had to be done.  I found it amusing, however, that it selected two works which well-complemented each other.


Blessings for your Sunday.