A sinner turned saint. Santo Francesco

Because this is a freaking amazing piece of artwork and I love it, totally deserves a reblog here!!!


A sinner turned saint.  Santo Francesco

“The same things that the Book of the Gospels explains by means of words, the painter shows by means of his works.” St. Basil the Great
A tribute to St. Francis–artwork by Julie Cook

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2 thoughts on “A sinner turned saint. Santo Francesco

    • You’re welcome, Soli Deo Gloria, I’m only irritated my life and writing came flying to a screaming halt on Tuesday. My current Facebook status involves a willingness to trade very good chiicken soup for the willingness to breathe germs on potential mortal enemies. There are about four things that are irritatingly half-finished, but which require more thought or attention than my poor feeble, feverish brain can rightly manage at present. Bless you, and you’ve got some serious artistic talent. Blessings for.your day.

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